Reading the Bible

The Bible is at the center of our Christian Tradition. It's important that every Christian read the Bible each day. On this page, we list some prominent passages about the Life of Jesus, Miracles and Teachings of Jesus and passages for Spiritual Help and Guidance.

It's appalling how few Orthodox Christians read the Bible. The Bible isn't something the Church locks up and takes out only on special occasions to be read secretly...the entirety of our Faith is based on Holy Scripture! The Bible is the Word of God and we live our lives by God's word.

Revelation - It is the word we use to describe what happens when God shows Himself to us...When He reveals Himself as God and Truth. Revelation is exactly that. It's learning about and understanding God as best we can, but only because He lets us in on Who He is! God reveals Himself to us every day. We just need to know where to look and listen. The Bible is the most obvious place that God is revealed to us.

Worship - Every Orthodox Christian knows that Jesus comes to us in the Sacrament of Holy Communion. But this is not the only time in the Divine Liturgy that Christ presents Himself to us. The Bible is a record of God's relationship with women and men who know and love Him. Bible readings teach us the Christian faith that we have inherited through our Baptism. Proper faith is necessary for proper worship. The scripture readings tell us how to live as Christians. When we hear the Bible read in church or at home, we also remember that God has great things waiting for those people who love Him.

Nourishment - We spend much of our time making sure our bodies are properly cared, sleep, medication...but what about our souls? Just as our body needs regular maintenance so do our souls. We need some Soul Food, Bread for Life. The nourishment our souls require includes a good dose of Revelation, Worship, and Humility. Who needs to read the Bible? We all do! Who needs God in their lives? We all do! Your family does! Let's not be Orthodox Christians just in name, but let our lives proclaim and radiate our Faith.

It's important that as Orthodox Christians we read the Bible daily. The following guides are no substitute for a daily Bible reading regiment, nor are they a Bible study guide. They are meant to aid in finding specific passages and for inspiration towards revelation, worship and nourishment. These guides are not exhaustive and are by no means all inclusive. Only through regular study of Scripture with the Church as our guide can we unlock the Bible's true treasures.

Passages from the Life of Jesus

Birth of Jesus - Mt 1:18-2:15; Lk 2:1-20
Presentation of Jesus - Lk 2:21-40
Baptism of Jesus - Mt 3; Mk 1:1-11; Lk 3:21-22
Jesus Calls First Disciples - Mt 4:18-22; Mk 1:16-20; Lk 5:1-11
Transfiguration of Jesus - Mt 17:1-3; Mk 9:2-13
Jesus' Entry into Jerusalem - Mt 21:1-11; Mk 11:1-11; Lk 19:29-44; Jn 12:12-19
Last Supper - Mt 26:17-35; Mk 14:12-26; Lk 22:1-38
Jesus Prays in Gethsemane - Mt 26:36-46; Mk 14:32-42; Lk 22:39-46
Jesus' Trial and Crucifixion - Mt 26:47-27:66; Mk 14:43-15:47; Lk 22:47-23:56; Jn 18-19
Resurrection of Jesus - Mt 28:1-10; Mk 16; Lk 24:1-12; Jn 20
Ascension of Jesus - Lk 24:50-53; Acts 1:1-12

Miracles and Teachings of Jesus

Miracle at Wedding in Cana - Jn 2:1-11
Jesus Feeds Many - Mt 14:13-21; Mk 6:30-44; Lk 9:10-17; Jn 6:1-15
Jesus Walks on Water - Mt 14:22-33; Mk 6:45-52; Jn 6:16-21
Jesus Heals the Blind Man - Mt 20:29-34; Mk 10:46-52; Lk 18:35-43
Jesus Raises Lazarus - Jn 11:1-45
Sermon on the Mount - Mt 5-7; Lk 6:20-49
Beatitudes - Mt 5:3-11; Lk 6:20-26
Golden Rule - Mt 7:12; Lk 6:31
Lord's Prayer - Mt 6:9
Parable of the Sower - Mt 13:1-23; Mk 4:1-20; Lk 8:4-15
Parable of Good Samaritan - Lk 10:25-37
Parable of the Prodigal Son - Lk 15:11-32
Publican and the Pharisee - Lk 18:9-14

Passages for Spiritual Help & Guidance

Controlling Your Temper - Prov 14:17,29; 15:18; Gal 5:16-26
Overcoming Temptation - Ps 19, 141; Lk 4:1-13; Heb 4:14-16; Gal 5:16-26 James 1:12-18
Controlling Your Tongue - Prov 11:13; James 3:1-12
Feeling Abandoned by God - Ps 22, 42; Jn 14:15-31
Overcoming an Addiction - Ps 40:1-17; 2Cor 5:16-21; Eph 4:22-24
Seeking God's Help - Ps 5,121,130; Mt 7:7-12
Overcoming Pride - Ps 131; Mk 9:33-37; Rom 12:14-16
Seeking Patience - Ps 13; James 5:7-11
Overcoming Doubt - Lk 17:5-6; Jn 20:24-3; Heb 11
Seeking Salvation - Jn 3:1-21; Rom 5:1-11
Overcoming Jealousy - Prov 23:17; James 3:13-18
Seeking God's Forgiveness - Ps 51; Rom 3:21-26; Mt 6:14-15; James 5:14-16; 1Jn 1:6-10

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